by Carrie Lynn

2 Rows a Day

2 Rows a Day
Sometimes I knit.  I feel like that is sort of a confession right now.  Who has time to knit?  Not me!  I need to be focusing on designing and cross-stitching!  But the thing is, I started this sweater in a size for 2 year old when my oldest was about 1.  I gave myself a year; how thoughtful of myself?  Well, a year came and went, I got more serious about my cross-stitch business, and little sweater got lost in my WIP (Work in Progress) stash.  I pulled it out again around Christmas time this year, when I was organizing all of my crafty stuff (I think the organizing was pregnancy related nesting, because it definitely doesn’t happen very often).

Anyway, I had finished the back piece, one whole front piece, and had started in on the second front piece.  It seemed like a LOT of work to just go to waste, sitting around in a pile.  So I started working on it again… little by little (again, a pregnancy thing.  I like to knit when I’m pregnant!).

I am now nearly done with the hood, which just leaves the sleeves.  I’m definitely making progress.  But here’s the thing: The WHOLE piece – I mean every-single-loop – is in garter stitch.  If don’t know anything about knitting, this means that every single loop is done the same way, knit after knit after knit.  Some people might find that relaxing – I find it insanely boring.  It’s why I modify patterns to add cables, at least stitch in satin stitch so every other row I can purl!  I think it’s also why I’m so fond of cross-stitch.  It takes a lot of thought, pattern following, changing of colors, etc.

So back to the monotonous sweater.
I knew when I started it that it was going to boring.  I even considered changing the pattern to be satin stitch instead, but in the end I loved the look of the sweater as is.  I fell in love to be exact.  So I left the pattern alone.

Now, being almost finished with the hood, you will find on my daily to-do list: Knit 2 Rows.
It’s a very simple instruction.  And little by little this sweater will come together.

Row, by row, by row.

BTW – The pattern for this sweater can be found in THIS book.