by Carrie Lynn

New Release! Birth Announcement

New Release!  Birth Announcement

There is nothing like finding out you are pregnant with Baby #3 before you have even finished the DESIGN for the birth announcement for Baby #2!  That’s what happened to me in early June, as my half finished design for the announcement for my almost 14 month old lay half done in a pile of sketches and a file on the computer.  It’s funny how time just seems to fly with 2 very active little boys, a busy day job, and crafting “to finish” list a mile long.  Another pregnancy really lit the fire for me, though.

So, yes!  A new baby is on the way.  SHE will be here is February, and I’m very excited to be having a daughter.  I fully realize that she could have zero interest in stitching and knitting and all the fine fiber crafts that I’ve come to love, BUT I feel as though I have a better chance of getting her hooked than I do with my two train, tool, and bug loving little boys.   Let me tell, you, though, that I plan to try my hardest with all 3.  Needle crafting has so many obvious benefits to a childs growth and attention span.  With this little one on the way I have a deep sense of satisfaction that our family is complete!

With all that being said, I DID finish the pattern for Luke’s sampler – my Mom graciously stitched and framed, and so now I am very pleased to announce the release of this happy alphabet sampler.  I designed for Luke, but with the purpose of making it fairly gender neutral.  I’ve always been a fan of bright colors that work for either a boy or a girl, and chose objects that aren’t obviously geared toward either gender either.

Please enjoy!  This sample is already available here on my website: Alphabet Birth Announcement

It was designed with this cutie in mind!  The soon to be big brother, Luke!