by Carrie Lynn

New Year – New Baby (SOON!)

New Year – New Baby (SOON!)

As I am nearing the end of a pregnancy my extracurricular activities have been suffering. I wish I had been writing about this all along, because I think I would find my phases of crafting would directly relate to my phases of pregnancy:

– 1st Trimester – nap, nap, nap, stitch like crazy because I’m losing all my stitching time to napping… and then more napping
-2nd Trimester – reality kicks in and I am suddenly very aware of an impending baby – knit, knit, knit, stitch like crazy because I need to have a new release for Christmas… and then more knitting
-3rd Trimester – nap… knit… stitch… Just forget it I can’t get comfortable enough to do anything

And that is where you will find me: Halfway through a navy blue knit sweater, more designs ready to be stitched than I care to admit, and me unable to nap because I just can’t get comfortable enough to do any of it.

I had huge plans for Cherry Lane this past year. I also had huge plans for my family; we were ready for another baby. I know many women are “super moms” and manage to balance children, full-time jobs, pregnancy, and budding businesses with grace and near-obsessive energy. I must admit, that while I like to think that I could be one of them, I haven’t been able to live up to that. My family has come first through most of this, which means that my wily three-year old takes up much of my evenings, and that my mind and heart are working to prepare room for a new addition. These last few weeks before my due date I intend to do some soul searching and Cherry Lane planning to bring this endeavor slowly back to the forefront.

I’ve always known that keeping this business would be the most difficult with small children, but I wanted to get my feet wet, and I love every minute!