by Carrie Lynn


Digital Downloads:

Digital downloads will be provided in PDF format and will be available for download after checkout. It is expected that you make you own printed copy within a 14 day time frame. After 14 days the download link will no longer be valid.
If for some reason you need to access the PDF file after the original 14 days, I will provide you a free one-time extension. In this event you will need to email me at our contact page, and include original order number in the subject.
*You are agreeing to this policy by selecting the “Digital Download” delivery method during ordering.



Most items are custom made to order, therefore returns are at the sellers discretion. If you are unsatisfied with your order please email me at our contact page within 15-days for order support and to attain a return authorization.
If you are returning an item, it must be in like new condition, accompanied by a return authorization. (Returns may not be accepted if missing an authorization).
The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs.
In most cases, there will be no restocking fee unless the item shows obvious signs of wear, it which case a 15% restocking fee applies.



Most items are custom made to order, therefore shipping times will vary. If you have questions regarding a particular item please email me at our contact page for a more accurate estimate.
For in-stock items, orders will be shipped within 1 business day.
Items will be shipped via USPS or UPS.
If you need expedited shipping, please email me at our contact page for those rates.


Copyright Notice:

All of my patterns are under copyright, please respect the interest of artists and do not photocopy or otherwise duplicate patterns.